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Review added by Key B

My first time getting acupuncture was today. I must report,  my experience at Room for Health was good. The customer service was excellent. The prices are affordable. Finally the owner, Ron is an expert in is craft and a super personable!!!

Review added by Blanche W

The Room for Health is a room where healing takes place Acupuncture helps your body heal itself. I am sleeping better and have some pain relief. My bowels are regular and my libido has returned. I was praying and Ron is the answer I got . If you are tired of the pills give this a real try. I suffer with chronic pain MS numbness in my hands and feet and the list goes on but I can relax while receiving treatment.

Review added by Arciela R

We the Rowland's came here my husband for his back and me for my feet. After we left we felt better definitely coming back.

Review added by Greg L

I have had shoulder pain for 4 months and the MD told me to live with it. Being somewhat skeptical but hoping for the best I went to see Ron. He is great and has taken a real interest in my shoulder and my overall well being. The office is quiet and relaxing. After my first visit my shoulder pain was cut in half and couldn't even tell you how many needles he used. My second visit and pain has diminished significantly. The prices are truly affordable but the most outstanding part is Ron doesn't charge Veterans. I urge all my brother and sister vets to go check Ron out. You won't be disappointed.

Review added by Lindsey W

Ron is AMAZING! He is so kind and takes his time with you. I went in with a killer migraine and left feeling 100 times better and more relaxed! I didn't think it could get much better but, Ron treats Veterans 100% for FREE!!! If that doesn't give you a glimpse into his character, I'm not sure what will. He is genuinely concerned with how you are feeling and getting you back to the best you. It's a breath of fresh air being treated by Ron! I can't wait to go back for another visit!!

Review added by Sam R
Ron is fantastic. I started seeing him for help with muscle and joint pain and he's done wonders for me. What I didn't expect when I first started going is that he'd also be able to help with anxiety, sleep issues, a lower back problem, headaches, stuffiness from allergies and colds, and cramps.

He's very reasonably priced, centrally located, a great listener, and truly cares about helping people

Review added by Jeff W 

Ron is the best.  I had a knee injury, without any torn ligaments, just severely strained and constant pain. I was at the point where my thought was this was going to be chronic. My md only would prescribe Rx and told me to stay off it, which didn't help.  I found Room for Health soon after they opened on 16th St., as a friend suggested acupuncture.  Ron's reputation and location worked for me.  My knee is as good as it was before my injury, and back at my hiking and running routines pain free and with total confidence in it.  Do yourself a favor, and check out this place.

Review added by April K 

 Ron was so helpful; took his time to ask the right questions in order to seek out the best treatment. Very calm, serene environment where you can relax. I feel so much better this morning! He also showed me an exercise for my neck i'd never seen before that seems to be helping! Oh, make sure your tongue isn't covered in red hots or anything else you might have eaten on the way cause he's going to ask to see it! Lol
Amazingly enough he asked me if I had certain issues by looking and he was spot on! Highly recommend this gentleman with Masters in Accupuncture.   

Review added by CE

Room for Health Phoenix provided me with excellent service. Ron Fishkind is professional and provides wonderful treatment.

Review added by Adrienne Bouchard

Having received acupuncture several times during the last several months, I would have to say that Room for Health Center has quite the relaxing atmosphere conducive to treatments. Ron Fishkind's approach to diagnosing problems are non evasive and comforting as a patient. His placement technique is outstanding. Some of his colleagues would do service to their patients if they too had his gentle touch.I could not have asked for a more relaxing outcome from the treatment I received. The effects lasted quite a long time and truly gave me the peace and focus I needed at the time. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to try Acupuncture for the first time or perhaps opt for a change, that they consider Room for Health Phoenix as their place of healing.

Review added by Tom and Gloria Brittain

I suffered with tendonitis in my right hand for over a year; tried cortizone and physical therapy with no relief and it hampered work and daily activities. Not being a "believer" in accupunture I was finally at the end of my rope and ready to try anything, and becoming a patient of Ron Fishkind was the turning point for me. Initial visits were frequent but affordable because of Ron's scale payment policy, and after a week of treatment was pain free and able to function at work and in my daily life. I still can't believe how fortunate I am to having given accupunture a try and for choosing Ron and Room for Health Phoenix. Because of my results my husband became a patient of Ron's as well. We are both feeling 100% better and go for "tuneups" as we call them, for overall health benefits. Ron Fishkind is a professional who truly cares about his patient's health. We are forever grateful to him and will always consider him a friend.

Review added by Susan Miles

I had always wanted to experience acupuncture so when I found Room for Health Phoenix I couldn't pass up the opportunity. After a few sessions not only did I have relief from the conditions I was being treated for but I began to crave the feeling of inner peace and balance I experienced after a session. Dr. Ron is a very compassionate practitioner with a profound ability to facilitate healing. He has also made it possible to afford such a wonderful holistic form of treatment.

Review added by Lisa Schuh

I would have to recommend Room for Health Phoenix to anyone and everyone that has any ailment that they are considering taking medications or visiting a chiropracter for. Dr. Ron (as I call him) is very perceptive and easily identifies areas that may be associated with the one ailment you are aware of. Example: You may have headaches but the problem my stem or affect other areas of your life that you have learned to live with. He is very easy to talk to and tends to be able to draw out causes or affects that may be stemming from a problem.

The facility is very clean, inviting and the community room is very appealing and relaxing. It was different feeling to have treatment and sit with other people -- you can choose to be quiet and sleep or possibly chat and discover information about treatments and other health achievements others are going through - a real sharing experience if you so desire!

I have recommended and given Dr. Ron's card to over 10 people that have always wanted to try acupuncture but have not due to the cost. One person actually took me up on it and is my weekly "acupuncture" lunch time partner!

Try it - don't procrastinate - it's your health!

Review added by SN

Ron is a true expert in his line of work in every sence of the word. After years of suffering from allergies, accupuncture made them completely go away. Now that my allergies are gone, I still continue to see Ron for an overall sence of balance. I would reccomend accupuncture not as a last resort, but the first modalaty of treatment for any ailment.

Review added by JW

I had terrible stomach pain for months and had many tests done by my doctor that all came back normal. I knew the pain I was in was not "normal" and didn't know what else to do to get better so I tried acupuncture at Room for Health. I am much better now with no more expensive, useless tests or medication. I trust Room for Health Phoenix and would be treated there for any other health problems I might have.

Review added by Ellen Nevitt

Great service! Ron provides excellent care. He really listens and works on what you want. I've been recommending Room for Health to all my friends and family. And, it really works!!

Review added by Debbie

I have seen Ron Fishkind on several occasions for acupuncture and the first time I did I loved his approach to group healing! I have had Ron come and do acupuncture to large groups in my home on several occasions and I look forward to having another Wine and Qi party soon! Thank you Ron for you healing through acupuncture!

Review added by Lorel

Ron's work is solid and professional. He creates an atmosphere that is fun and relaxing. He's also very helpful in answering questions and shedding light on the field or specific conditions.
I'm impressed with Room for Health Phoenix!

Review added by Maria White

Ron was very professional and knowledgable. I felt comfortable and relaxed. Certainly recommend the services!

Review added by tg

Room for Health is such a relaxing environment for healing yourself. Ron makes his patients feel calm while being in the treatment room. The room has dimmed lighting and the chairs are very comfortable. I have recommended Room for Health to many others. I feel like Room for Health Phoenix is the best clinic in the Phoenix area for acupuncture.

Review added by J B

Room for Health Phoenix is a very relaxing setting with no pressure to continue treatments unless you feel the need. They treat all there patients with respect and professional service. I have recommended them to a few friends and they where all very happy with the treatment that they received. They especially liked the fact that they where not locked into a price that was not affordable to them for the service they received. I would recommend them to anyone in need of acupuncture. My son has gone to Ron for treatment with a few sports injuries and really cant believe how much better he feels after just a few treatments.

Review added by Paula Lee

I found the atmosphere at Room for Health Phoenix to be enjoyable and professional. I love the idea of the community room with recliners which allows for an added sense of comfort and relaxation during treatments. With the fee structure, Ron Fishkind has managed to take the worry and stress out of affording treatment. After only three treatments, I had 48 hours of being migraine free which I had not experienced for many months. I highly recommend Room for Health Phoenix and the treatments from Ron to anyone considering acupuncture or looking for a more accomodating and relaxing environment in which to receive treatments.

Review added by Marisa B

My experience at Room for Health Phoenix was excellent. I went in with terrible neck and shoulder pain. My doctor had prescribed pain killers, but I held off taking them to give acupuncture a chance first. Ron was able to relieve my pain on the first visit and subsequent visits kept me pain free. The office is very peaceful and Ron is very kind, professional, and knowledgeable, explaining each treatment to me and making me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend his services.

Review added by V. Terrazas

Acupuncture was always a mystery to me, and when I heard about Room for Health ,I made it a point to try alternative therapy. Many doctors who have treated me for my illness just wanted to give me another prescription ,Dr. Ron Fishkind took the time to listen to my ailments and concerns. Room for health is such a calm and relaxing atmosphere I always need at least an hour to rejuvinate. If I have an ailment or need to stay balanced and gather my thoughts I highly recommend visiting Room For Health Phoenix. Thanks Dr. Fishkind

Review added by Palmyre Zele

I'm very athletic, and had somehow hurt my shoulder. The pain had increased to the point that simple things hurt like crazy, i.e., lifting even light things out of the refrigerator, closing the glove box in my car. Certainly couldn't lift weights or ride a bike. The first time Ron treated me the pain was immediately reduced by 90% - no exaggeration. The second time there was even more improvement. It's now several months later - the pain is still very minor, if at all - and I am able to do all the things I want to do including biking, swimming, weights. I would highly recommend that you try Ron as your acupuncturist and see what miracle might occur!!!

Review added by Veronica Holguin

I love going to Room for Health Phoenix for acupuncture treatments. Ron (Dr. Fishkind) is very professional & really cares about his patients and wants to help them with any ailments they have. I know I feel better after only a couple of treatments. His services are also affordable so I don't have worries/stress about high payments. I would recommend him to anyone who has had acupuncture before or is interested in being a new patient.

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